Let’s keep our promise to Oklahoma’s children

What’s at stake?

Earlier this year, something extraordinary happened. For two weeks, in rain, sleet, thunder and lightning, Oklahomans of all political stripes and from every corner of the state gathered in record numbers at the Capitol demanding change. We marched 110 miles. We called and emailed our lawmakers. And our voices were heard!

After years of inaction by the legislature to properly fund our schools and invest in our students—we knew something needed to change.

As a result, lawmakers finally got the votes required to raise revenue to give teachers a pay increase, shore up core services to keep rural hospitals open and provide classroom funding for our students. Something like that hadn’t happened since 1990. It was a historic moment and a tremendous victory for the 700,000 students in Oklahoma schools across this great state and for every Oklahoman in communities across this state.

But now a group of folks who have been long-standing enemies of public education is attempting to eliminate the teacher pay raises and break promises to Oklahoma students. They’ll tell us they “support our teachers,” but we won’t be fooled because their actions prove otherwise. They know if they are successful, it means more broken promises to our teachers and students who we fought for so tirelessly.

Right now this anti-public education group needs to gather 43,000 signatures of registered Oklahoma voters to freeze the teacher pay raise. If they collect enough signatures and survive the legal challenge process, it will go to the ballot in November — and we will once again have to fight for what’s right.

We didn’t walk, march, or advocate in vain — and we’re not going to give up now.

What can you do?

Many of us are frustrated, angry, and disheartened. It seems like the fight to fully fund our public schools and invest in core services should be common sense. This is especially the case when anti-public education groups try to rip away the progress we’ve made.

Here are some simple ways we can fight back today:


  • Decline to sign
    This anti-education group has to get 43,000 signatures. Let’s make it harder for them to get rid of teacher raises and funding for our students by politely declining to sign their petitions.
  • Talk to friends and family
    Nothing beats the power of personal conversation. Let’s talk to our friends and family and let them know why we’re not signing the 799 petition.
  • Show support online
    It’s been amazing to see all of the public education supporters sharing their support online. Now we have to tell our friends and family to join us in declining to sign 799.
  • Sign up to volunteer
    In the coming days, we’re going to have to talk to community members about why this movement matters, and supporters like you will make the difference.